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UK-based E-Cig and CBD Retailer: from Vape Juice to CBD Oil

CBD VAPE 4 U is a UK-based e-cig and CBD retailer that stocks the highest quality products at low prices both in-store in Blackfriars, Tottenham Court Road and Golders Green and online.

Owned, operated, and co-founded by a former smoker and avid vaper, we’re committed to bringing our customers in London and beyond a huge variety of vaping products, including one of the larger selections of CBD Oil in the UK.

What CBD & Vaping Products Does CBD VAPE 4 U Sell in the UK?

Whether you’re new to vaping or have a collection of vape mods, our online shop has everything you need. Interested in the potential benefits of CBD and Cannabis Oil? Try out a range of products by taking advantage of FREE nationwide UK delivery (for orders over £30) and same-day delivery in Central London. If you already have a JUUL pod system or another vape mod, check out our collection of CBD vape liquid, available in dozens of flavours from fruity cocktails to sweet treats. If you don’t have a JUUL pod system or an IQOS cigarette, don’t worry! Ty CBD flower buds, CBD edibles or CBD skincare products instead. Rather have nicotine? We’ve got you covered! From nicotine pouches to nicotine shots, we’ll have something in stock that you’ll love. If you’re looking for a deal, don’t miss our Vape & CBD Clearance Sale!

The Best Brands in Vape Liquid UK

The CBD industry is booming which means there are a lot of brands to choose from. At CBD VAPE 4 U, we stock only the most trusted and respected in the industry and offer our customers only the best of the best in CBD oil, vape accessories, starter kits, e-liquid shortfills, and more. While we’re always adding new products to the website and in-store, some of our favourite brands include Dinner Lady, Blind Pig, Vampire Vape, Decoded, Pax, Lyft and more. Check out our online shop for a full list of the brands we currently have in stock. What are your favourite CBD oil and e-liquid brands? Let us know in-store!

Why Choose CBD VAPE 4 U?

We’re vapers... That means we can offer advice and suggest products so that you walk away with exactly what you came for. After all, customer service is everything. Whether you’re buying online or in-store, we want you to enjoy your shopping experience. How do we do that? We keep our prices low, are always updating what products are available in our Vape & CBD Clearance Sale, and offer only the best brands in the CBD and vape space.

Did we mention free delivery throughout the UK?

Whether you live in Central London or Manchester, we’ll quickly ship your vape products - from CBD Flower Buds to JUUL pod systems - directly to your door.

Want to Learn More?

All of us here at CBD VAPE 4 U are genuinely interested in this industry. From attending exhibitions and conferences to reading up on the latest CBD news, we do everything we can to be as knowledgeable as possible about what we’re selling. The result? Our customers get the best products sold to them by staff members who really know what they’re talking about. Even if you aren’t able to visit us in-store at our Blackfriars location, Golders Green or at Tottenham Court Road Vape Shop, you can keep up with industry news, hot products, exciting discounts, and more at our CBD VAPE 4 U Blog. You can also sign up for our newsletter where we’ll send you news and hard-to-beat special offers.