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Who we are: our journey to a smoke-free life

Where do we begin?

From the start is always good so let’s begin there. CBD Vape 4 U is operated and owned by Phone and Vape Ltd., a company that originally dealt with same day repair for mobiles and PCs. However, after a decade, one of our co-founders (an ex-smoker) realised just how much vaping helped him go from two packets of cigarettes a day 0mg nicotine vaping products. And then began the inspiration to help others do the same.

The next step was to bring CBD Vape 4 U to life. Its humble origins began as a local vape store in London. With years of research, experts and businesses-savvy owners, CBD Vape 4 U grew from a small vape store in London to a prominent, well respected online business. And of course, London stores are still around.

CBD Vape 4 U doesn’t just focus on providing all the best CBD and e-liquid products (although that is a major speciality). The decision to help others is the driving force behind us. That’s why our focus is always on the best industry knowledge, excellent customer care, and of course a wide range of e-liquids and CBD products which we bring in from countries all over the world. We’ve proven to be so popular with many customers because we have high-quality products at the best prices, whether they’re in our London stores or online. We understand the popularity of vaping so we make sure everyone can enjoy it at attractive prices.

At CBD Vape 4 U we also know that compliance is key. We don’t just make sure our vast range of e-liquids and CBD products meet all the rules and regulations for our sake. Obviously that is key (to any business!) but more importantly, we do it to make sure that everything you buy from us is completely up to standard. We won’t settle for anything that isn’t TPD compliant, so whether you’re buying a JuulVape Pod System, IQOS or just various e-liquids, we make sure everything's top quality and meets all legal requirements.

We have over 150 flavours of e-liquids and CBD products to try in-store (come and visit us in one of our vape stores in London) or order online. And we’re always bringing out more. We listen to what our customers want and deliver on that. If they want a brand that’s popular abroad, then we’ll get it in. That’s why so much of our stock comes from around the globe.

First and foremost, we’re here to give you a safer alternative to smoking. The advantages of vaping have already been proven by many health specialists and products such as CBD help to promote personal well-being and satisfaction. We’re here to help you. As well as help the UK become smoke-free. By promoting this, we can help smokers give up smoking and teach future generations the positive of a smoke-free world.

What inspires us the most?

The fact that we’ve all been there and done that. A large portion of our staff is ex-smokers so we know what it’s like. We know the battles that a smoker faces. And we know first-hand how vaping has helped. It’s an overwhelming prospect to give up a habit that’s been a part of your life for a long time. But we can help you empower yourself simply by giving you the right equipment and products.

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