Easy Ways to Make Your Coils Last Longer

In order to get an optimal vaping experience it’s important to take care of your equipment. And that means making sure it’s all cleaned and working properly. One of the core components of any vape device is the coil. While some (cheaper) vape pens and pods might need replacement coils each month, if you follow these simple steps you can make your coils last even longer.

When to replace a coil

It doesn’t matter if you’re vaping the best CBD vape juice UK or the most expensive premium e-liquid, when you start getting that burning taste then you know it’s time to clean your coil. But it’s not just a simple switch and replace. If you want to make sure your coil lasts longer then there are a few steps to take.

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Vape Accessories to Buy Now

As vaping grows more in popularity and perhaps one day overtakes cigarettes, we find that there’s still a lot more to vaping then just picking up a vape pen and puffing away. Unless of course you’re using a  disposable vape pen! But if you’re the real deal then no doubt you’ve got a solid vape device, take care of it well and use the best accessories to ensure the longevity of your device. If you haven’t, then here are some of the best vape accessories you need to get hold of now.

Batteries and battery chargers

At the heart of our vaping device is the battery that powers it. Imagine if it were to die mid vape, or didn’t even have enough power for your first vape of the day! That’s why many vape devices such as the Pax vaporizer, comes with a charging kit. And it’s always worth keeping spare batteries too. Keep your device charged so you definitely know that you can start the day on full power but it’s also worthwhile to keep some spare batteries too on the off chance you run out!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cooking With CBD

The ways to enjoy CBD just goes on and on. There’s the ever-popular method of  vaping it, or chomping down on some tasty gummies. But as variety is the spice of life and cooking shows are always popular, hence so is the act of cooking too; we’ve found that one of the best ways to get the most out of CBD on a regular basis is by…cooking with it. So we’ve put together a simple guide to start you on your CBD cooking voyage.

Gather the right ingredients

The first and most obvious step before you cook anything is to gather the right ingredients. That’s just common sense. We’ve all been there before – in the middle of making a cake before realising there’s no vanilla extract. Or other things of course, we just like cake! But the point stands – before you start cooking with CBD, make sure you’ve got all you need. That could be CBD vape oil UK – the country’s best, and which just so happens to be what we have in stock. Once you’ve stocked up on your oil, don’t forget to gather the rest of your ingredients, be it for a cocktail, a soup, a roast dinner or whatever you decide to make.

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CBD for Seniors: Everything You Need to Know

Times are changing. Marijuana and cannabis aren’t seen as the ‘end-of-the-world’ drug that it once was. In fact in the UK cannabis was reduced to a Class B and there’s a call for it to be legalised, like it is in many states of the US. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the non psychotropic excerpt from the same plant and many of our users have seen various health benefits. So we can see why the older generation would welcome a natural, alternative medicine to what they end up taking.

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Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Vape Device

It doesn’t matter what type of vaping device you’ve got, like everything, it can always do with a good clean. But this isn’t just a soak in the bath or a quick rinse, without properly cleaning your vape device you run the risk of it not working properly. That’s why this article looks into the very best way to keep it clean and extend its life span.

Table of Contents

  1. The easy way to clean
    1.2 But what about other devices?
  2. Importance of cleaning

The easy way to clean

Whether you’re using your vape device to enjoy e-liquids or CBD e-liquids, you want to make sure it’s working properly. And the best method of ensuring that is by keeping it clean and well conditioned. We take a look at the most common and popular vape pens and pods and give you the best way to clean them.

Once you’ve gotten to know your vape pen, you should know how to properly disassemble and assemble it, which is important as you’ll need to do this to ensure a thorough clean. Take apart your pen and put the battery to the side. Next it’s time to clean the heating element, or coil, which is found in most vape pens. A quick rinse isn’t always the best, but instead using cleaning alcohol and a cotton swab you can carefully dab it and give it the clean it needs.The same applies to the mouthpiece but you can always just give that a quick rub with a wet cloth. Easy, huh?

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7 Potential Benefits of CBD

It’s been a big year for CBD and products have become spectacularly abundant in the UK service and commerce markets.

From use in creams, oils, edibles, and e-liquids, CBD is being touted as a sort of fix-all, from sleep disorders to mood disorders. While the research is still out, we’re expecting a lot of new information to surface in 2020. With that in mind, here are some of the potential benefits of CBD.


CBD has been used in a range of instances to counter the effects of a range of mental health conditions. Due to cannabidiol’s soothing effects, it has been most associated with the treatment of anxiety and insomnia, but ongoing research suggests that it could be used to treat depression and post-traumatic stress disorder in the future.


CBD’s effects on certain brain receptors mean that it has proven extremely useful in pain management for a range of conditions. The most prominent use for CBD in recent years has been arthritis, which affects the joints and can be very debilitating indeed. Regular use of CBD vape liquids or oils can lessen the painful effects of the disease.

Pain relief

Whether used in muscle inflammation and sprain treatment or for more serious conditions such as spinal or nerve damage, CBD’s pain relief effects could help a range of different problems stemming from muscle and bone pain. Whilst the chemical may not be proven to halt the problems, it can certainly alleviate the symptoms.


Whilst research is still in its infancy, it is thought that CBD may be able to alleviate the symptoms of seizures, or even diminish the amount that epilepsy sufferers have. Whilst tests have shown that progress is being made, there are still adverse effects cropping up in a few of the tests, meaning that more research has to be undertaken to ensure the applicability of the chemical in treating this debilitating disease.


As with its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, CBD creams have been reported to have skin healing properties. This has led to its use in many creams aimed at rejuvenating the skin. However, once again it should be noted that research is still in its infancy and so you should consult your doctor before using skin products containing CBD.

Reliever of chemotherapy side effects

Cancer treatments can be painful and debilitating, but CBD and even THC have been used in the treatment of chemotherapy side effects, which include vomiting and nausea. Research is still ongoing on how CBD could potentially be used in the fight against the disease itself.


Due to its effects on the brains neuroreceptors, scientists are exploring the ways that CBD could affect a receptor in the brain called CB1, the degradation of which is known to lead to diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons. Again, research is in its infancy, but the results hold the potential to change many lives for the better.

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for the latest updates on clinical trials in the UK and around the world.

CBD Products to Add to Your Wish List This Christmas

CBD is more popular than ever. From its initial use as a medical treatment, it’s now sold in vape shops, coffee shops, and health food stores on the high street. And, with high demand comes supply, which means companies all over the UK and beyond are working hard to create the best new products, from oils to sweet treats. 

And, since it’s the season for giving, we thought we’d put together a list of CBD products you should add to your wish list this year. Below are some of the main forms that CBD takes as well as some products you can buy online. 

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But what is cannabidiol?

CBD or cannabidiol is an extract of the marijuana plant which has been known to relieve stress, anxiety and body pain in people who consume it. Whilst it is one of the main extracts from the marijuana plant, it’s actually completely legal in many European countries, which is due in part to the fact that there aren’t any psychoactive effects that can be triggered by CBD. It’s totally safe!

Click here for more information about laws related to CBD.


CBD oils are intended for use as a supplement. Often infused with hemp products, CBD oils are consumed by dripping them onto your food, or for mixing a bit into a beverage like tea or coffee. Whether adding to an edible or adding to your morning bev, these oils are perfect for daily use and have a calming effect that maintains your lucidity and has no known negative impact on your health.

Shop brands like Love Hemp and Hemplucid now online and visit us in store for even more great products.

Vape liquids

CBD infused vape liquids come in a variety of flavours. With many different strains to choose from, CBD vape liquids give vapers the chance to explore a variety of tastes infused with the natural tang of cannabidiol. These make for amazing e-liquids and add an extra soothing – or energising – kick depending on the strength of the CBD in the liquid. 

Our top pick for the festive season? Apple Cherry Sherbet 

CBD Flower Buds

Loose Leaf is the most natural way to ingest CBD products. These flower buds are strains of the Sativa dominant marijuana plant that come with next to no THC and are naturally grown. Often being cultivated in natural light and in greenhouses free from pesticides, loose-leaf CBD is perfect for use on dry herb vaporisers like PAX and comes with all the benefits of CBD along with a unique taste which you simply can’t find anywhere else.

If you’re new to CBD, add both the portable vaporizer and the flower to your list.


Whether it be in homemade baked goods or CBD Gummiescannabidiol can be easily consumed in an edible form. Infused with foods such as fruit and nut mixes and even in tablet form, CBD edibles have the relaxing and uplifting benefits of other CBD products but are released more gradually as you digest it. 

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Everything You Need to Know About the JUUL Pod Mod

Pod Mods are a dime a dozen these days. With countless new models on the market, it can be very difficult indeed to know which one to go for, especially since there are differences in battery life, flavours, and cost from one product to another.

Among them is one of the most popular: the JUUL Pod Mod.

We already know that JUUL is the go-to for everyday vapers thanks to its long battery life, range of flavours, and ease-of-use, but that’s just scratching the surface. And, in light of the release of this limited edition Ruby Basic Kit by JUUL, we thought we’d write a full-fledged guide to this popular vape brand.

Below is everything vapers need to know about this innovative product, and a little about the broad range of accessories you can buy both online and in-store at any one of our three London locations: Blackfriars, Golders Green, and Tottenham Court Road.

Who are JUUL?

Created by PAX Labs in 2015, JUUL has since gone onto become one of the most influential vape companies in the world. Now its own entity after separating from PAX Labs, JUUL is known for some of the most innovative vape devices on the market today, and its products are sold internationally.

What is a JUUL device

A JUUL pod mod is made up of a casing and a slide-in cartridge. Inhale activated, the JUUL device has an internal battery which is rechargeable and comes with a range of flavoured cartridges, which when empty, are disposable

How does it work?

Simply click on the cartridge at the end of the device and inhale on the mouthpiece. A JUUL device has a long life when charged to its full capacity, usually lasting just under a day. Depending on the frequency of use, a JUUL pod cartridge can last well over 24 hours, too.

What Pods are available?

There is a whole range of different pod mod flavours you can choose from when purchasing your cartridges. These include Mango Nectar, Royal Creme, Apple Orchard, Golden Tobacco and Glacier Mints. Shop now!

Is it right for the beginner vaper?

The JUUL vape device is perfect for those just making the switch from cigarettes to vaping. Here’s why.


These devices are slick and discreet. No longer than a pen and easy to fit into your pocket, these devices have a high propylene glycol ratio, making the cloud produced far less dense than your average sub-ohm vape juice. This makes them far more subtle to use and therefore draws less attention.


The design also draws less attention than your average sub-ohm mod.

Whilst it might be subtle, the design itself is sleek and black, with a rectangular shape which draws the eye in its striking minimalism. With its simplicity of use, the JUUL is the perfect vape device for those unsure about the complicated mods on the market.

High in nicotine

With its high nicotine strengths, the JUUL pod mod is perfect for those looking for a bigger nicotine hit than other devices. This plays right into the hands of ex-smokers, looking for a device that has similarities to cigarettes, in both sensation and size in your hand.

Shop JUUL starter kits, accessories, and more now, along with other popular vape brands like PAX, IQOS, and more.

What is DTL and MTL Vaping?

Believe it or not, vaping has actually been around for over a decade now. With its emergence in the mid-noughties as a viable smoking cessation device, millions of e-cigs flooded the market. Now, with the rise of more complex vaping gear, easy-to-use disposable vape pens, and CBD flower for dry herb vaporisers, vapers are more spoilt for choice than ever.

On top of the sheer volume of vaping products, there are more online vape shops and high street retailers than ever before, ensuring easy access..and in the case of CBD VAPE 4 U, quick delivery, too! But, do you really know the pros and cons of the different products and devices? From vape pens to unregulated mods, the possibilities might be endless!

But. the techniques of inhalation boil down to just two unique styles. 

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What is the Law on CBD?

With everything from e-liquids containing cannabinoids to UK legal buds now available online and in stores throughout the UK, a lot of people are left wondering what exactly laws pertaining to CBD cover and don’t cover. And, since we’ve already covered general myths surrounding CBD, we thought we’d take a deeper dive into what exactly UK lawmakers have put on the books.

But first: What have been the driving forces behind the sudden (but welcome!) acceptance of CBD?

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