Pods or mods – which device should you choose for vaping?

No question; the vaping universe is a diverse place, which is particularly obvious for the amount of choice it offers all those who are a part of it. A good example of this all are the various flavours – PG-dominant and VG-heavy among them – to choose from. But, before you can dedicate any time to selecting the right vape juice, you need to take some time to decide on what’s the right equipment for you to actually use for vaping.

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50-50 e-liquids – middle-of-the-road or a perfect balance?

Jargon. It’s everywhere, isn’t? And, like it or not, the world of vaping isn’t immune. Whether it’s ohms or mech mods or RDAs, RTAs or RDTAs, vaping manufacturers and retailers, as well as vapers themselves, love nothing more than to use terms and acronyms that mean nothing to the uninitiated.

Let’s not kid ourselves, all this terminology has a danger of being a little off-putting for those on the fence about getting into vaping. Especially as this specialised language isn’t just for vaping equipment alone – because it involves vape liquids as well.

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Don’t plod on with your usual vape liquids – pop in a JUUL pod

Vaping is nothing without something to actually vape – in other words, e-liquids. And if you’re looking to start using JUUL devices, that means discovering the wonderful world of JUUL pods.

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Want to quit smoking? Try a JUUL Starter Kit

Yes, it’s true, when it comes to changing up your nicotine fix to benefit your health, more and more people are turning away from smoking and, in turn, turning to JUUL devices. Unsurprisingly then, this has caught the attention of anti-vaping campaigners and, yes, the media – leaving governments (not least the US Government) apparently unsure about the health merits of JUUL products.

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The lesser-known benefits of CBD

Cannabidiol (or CBD) – one of the numerous cannabinoid chemical compounds that naturally occur in the cannabis plant – is fast becoming a health treatment of choice.

And, really, that’s no surprise, given the fact an ever-increasing number of scientific studies are confirming vapeable CBD oil and edible CBD capsules UK can help with chronic pain, anxiety and, in some cases, depression. Yet, what of the lesser-known benefits of consuming CBD – what other ailments might it help with…?

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More reasons for making the switch to IQOS?

In the first week of July 2020, the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared it had now authorised marketing of IQOS products as *modified risk* tobacco products. Now, certainly in the US, this is a step forward for all IQOS products – and other ‘heat, not burn’ products. Why? Because it’s further, welcome acknowledgment they’re not as big a health risk to users as cigarettes.

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A Round-Up Of The Best CBD Infused Recipes

Whilst CBD Oil has found common usage in vape liquids and creams, one often overlooked method of ingestion is through food. With products such as CBD Gummies now being available as a tasty snack, as well as oils that allow for infusion into cooking ingredients, CBD is amongst some of the most versatile chemicals out there. 

There’s plenty of fun to be had with cooking and CBD. whether it’s a small drop from a tincture, or infusing your baked treats with CBD buds, the uses are manifold. Below you’ll find a broad variety of the CBD variations you can use for cooking, alongside the recipes you can bake and cook for an unparalleled CBD taste experience. 

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How CBD Can Benefit Your Immune System

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating many of the bodies most important functions, including the immune system. Cannabinoids, like CBD act like the own body’s endocannabinoids, and help to support it. When the body’s ECD is active, the body becomes balanced and it is better to support your immune system and the body’s regulation. This is known as homeostasis. There is lots of research that looks into how CBD and the ECD are linked for a better immune system. You can get CBD in flowers or perhaps oils.

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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Vaping

The history of vaping

Whilst vaping may seem like somewhat of a recent trend, it actually has been around since ancient times. In Egypt, people would vape herbs and oils on heated stones. And more recent than that, e-cigarettes were proposed by Joseph Robinson in 1927. And in 1963 a man named Herbert Gilbert patented the idea under the name of ‘smokeless non-tobacco cigarette.’ Then a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik created the first ever e-cigarette in 2000. This was introduced to the market in 2007! Becoming the huge trend, it is today.

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How Does CBD Vaping Make You Feel?

It is now widely known that CBD hemp oil has various health benefits. And while it is understood, that CBD has no psychoactive properties, many people want to know what vaping it will make them feel like. So, we are going to break it down in this article. CBD does have an effect on the mind and the body, which is why so many people have taken to using it. Some of the most reported things it helps with are stress, anxiety, tension, seizures, chronic pain and sleep issues.

There are many things that contribute to the way CBD will make you feel, including your weight, your dosage and what the medical issue is. It can be used in a variety of forms such as, powder, cream, oil and edibles. The most effective way of getting it the system is vaping the hemp oil.

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