What is DTL and MTL Vaping?

Believe it or not, vaping has actually been around for over a decade now. With its emergence in the mid-noughties as a viable smoking cessation device, millions of e-cigs flooded the market. Now, with the rise of more complex vaping gear, easy-to-use disposable vape pens, and CBD flower for dry herb vaporisers, vapers are more spoilt for choice than ever.

On top of the sheer volume of vaping products, there are more online vape shops and high street retailers than ever before, ensuring easy access..and in the case of CBD VAPE 4 U, quick delivery, too! But, do you really know the pros and cons of the different products and devices? From vape pens to unregulated mods, the possibilities might be endless!

But. the techniques of inhalation boil down to just two unique styles. 

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What is the Law on CBD?

With everything from e-liquids containing cannabinoids to UK legal buds now available online and in stores throughout the UK, a lot of people are left wondering what exactly laws pertaining to CBD cover and don’t cover. And, since we’ve already covered general myths surrounding CBD, we thought we’d take a deeper dive into what exactly UK lawmakers have put on the books.

But first: What have been the driving forces behind the sudden (but welcome!) acceptance of CBD?

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What Nicotine Concentration is Right For You?

Vaping is more popular today than ever amongst ex-smokers, with a dizzying array of devices and products available. Vapers can choose from hundreds of different flavours, from berry blast to key lime pie…but the taste isn’t the only thing to consider when buying vape juice in the UK.

You also need to decide what nicotine concentration is right for you. 

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The Most Interesting Facts About CBD 

We’ve talked a lot about the best CBD products, how to consume those products, and trends within the industry. We’ve also spent plenty of time debunking myths surrounding this all-natural plant extract.

But now, as 2019 comes to a close, CBD is notably mainstream, appearing in the headlines of every major news source in the country. In fact, if you search ‘CBD’ and read news from the last week, you’ll see that the Duchess of Cornwall was eager to talk about the apparent benefits of CBD, Runner’s World is touting next-gen CBD products for athletes, and Brazil is in the midst of a billion-dollar CBD boom.

It’s clear that, around the world, people are seeing CBD for what it is: an extract from hemp that people have found to be effective in minimising anxiety, aiding in sleep, and even reducing inflammation. 

But, what else do we know about CBD?

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3 Signs Your CBD Oil is High-Quality

Given the rise in popularity of CBD since the start of 2019,  there are now more products sold by more vendors than ever before. For consumers, that’s a good thing as it means they have a wider variety to choose from. 

This variety stretches from brands to flavours, to methods of consumption and has – as a whole – made CBD more appealing to a broader audience.

But is this rapid increase in availability a good thing? Yes and no.

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Top Tips for Selecting the Perfect E-Liquid for Your Vape Device

E-liquid is arguably the most important part of the vaping experience. In fact, you could say that it’s the e-liquid that makes the vaping experience at all!

Why? Because e-liquid is responsible for both the flavour and the strength of the nicotine hit you get from your vaping device. That begs the question: How does a beginner choose the perfect e-liquid when there is such a wide variety available in vape shops in the UK and online?

Don’t despair! CBD VAPE 4 U is here to help with this handy guide.

But first…

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Vape Mods vs. Vape Pens: What’s the Difference?

If you’re new to vaping – whether it be nicotine or CBD – you might feel overwhelmed by the technical terminology, acronyms and slang used by vapers. And that’s understandable! There’s a lot of jargon used to describe the different products and accessories. 

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Where Can I Buy CBD Flowers Legally in London

It’s fair to assume that – by now – you’ve at least heard of CBD. From beauty products to oil and everything in between (including dog food, infused coffee, and protein powder) CBD has infiltrated nearly every market across every demographic.  

Health? Check. Fitness? Check. Beauty? Check. Wellness? Check.

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Curious About CBD Edibles? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

With CBD more popular than ever – purchases doubled in 2019 – it’s no surprise more and more products are coming on the market. Of course, each product has its own set of benefits.

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JUUL Review: Is it the Best E-Cig Around?

If you’re considering vaping (or are already a veteran vaper) you’ve no doubt considered your options when it comes to which vape pen you should choose. And – we know – it can be a tough decision!

With so many brands and products on the market each with their own set of pros and cons, how do you compare one to another and make your final decision?

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