CBD Oil myths debunked

CBD oil is everywhere, from vape shops selling creams and gummies to cafes serving cakes with CBD-infused icing. Even bars are concocting cocktails with CBD, eager to jump on the trend.

A number of worldwide studies – on both animals and humans – have examined the link between CBD and pain relief in particular, which are thought to be down to the oil’s ability to reduce inflammation and interact with neurotransmitters. However, there is still so much confusion around what it actually is, what it does and how it can help you, as well as legality issues, too.

So – to ease your mind and introduce you to our products – we’ve put together some common CBD oil myths officially debunked to hopefully make things a little clearer.

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Cbd Oil – What you need to know

CBD oil is no doubt a phrase you’ve seen and heard recently, as it’s a product that’s made its way into public conversations regarding health, wellbeing and even UK law. There are now countless companies offering several different ways in which to consume CBD oil – CBDVape4U.com included –  from essential oil-type drops to CBD vape oil, and even some food, drink and skin products.

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