2 for £25 Online Exclusive

Shortfill vape juice is a key component to the vaping experience. They’re essentially vape e-liquids that come in a bottle, but they’re not filled to the top with shortfill vape juice. The space at the top is for adding a nicotine shot if you want nicotine in your vape system. Simply add it to the top of the bottle, shake and you’ve got a new nicotine-added shortfill vape juice. The reason behind this is because of vape regulations which stipulated that previous vape juice had too much nicotine. So if you’re looking for the perfect shortfill vape juice then we have a huge selection for you. And we mean it. We’ve got flavours ranging from Harry Rednapp’s favourite jam roly-poly, to bubble gum to kiwi lemon! Even better, all our shortfills come with a free nicotine shot, so when you’re looking for shortfill vape juice, why would you go anywhere else?

On top the Cherry all Premium Range we have special deal 2 Shortfill for £25 and Nic Shot Free with every purchase of Shortfill.


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2 for £25
Minimal Price: £11.99