Empire Brew E-Liquids


March your way towards the Empire Brew

No, this isn’t a Star Wars-inspired e-liquid, but imagine if it was. We’d love to see stormtroopers trying out some Empire Brew e-liquid. Or perhaps Darth Vader would want some CBD to calm him down. Empire Brew e-liquid actually comes from a Malaysian based company and we know they have some of the best brands, such as Monsta Vape. That’s the same for Empire Brew e-liquid as all the flavours blend only the finest of fruit ingredients. Even better, there’s the added element of ice to add that cooling effect the next time you vape. Try out the Ice Lemonade for a refreshing hint of fizzy drink when you vape next time. But how do you get that cool effect? Why, the chiller shot is optional, just like how a shortfill comes with a nicotine shot, you can add it to your Empire Brew e-liquid and quite literally, it’ll be cool when you vape.