No matter the stage of your vaping voyage there might be a reason for which you want to order a new vape. With so much choice it can occasionally be a challenge to pin down exactly what flavor of e-cig you should choose.

So, whether you are an experienced smoker who is looking towards your first e-cig, a person who has tried vaping prior but just couldn’t make the transition from smoking to vape, or an everyday regular vaper who wants a new and interesting e-cig flavor, we got you.

It is safe to say the CBD quest to build the best vape E-liquids is well and truly on. Hence our recommendation of one of our personal favorites; Iceliq Vape Liquid.

When you hear “Iceliq vape liquid”, the first thing that comes to mind may be ice. It is possible you are thinking that it probably has something to do with licking some ice. That may be it though as our Iceliq’s vape liquids have a cooling effect to them that makes vaping them very cool. 

If you are looking to dive right in and try the iciest of Iceliq’s vape liquids then you need to go for Glacier Freeze flavor but if you are looking for something with a fruity twist, such as Watermelon or Raspberry flavour, we got you. Our 

Purity by Iceliq has no flavour, enabling you to mix and balance a variety of flavours to match your palette, 

Want the deliciously sweet taste of a Strawberry & Cream dessert? We got the perfect vape liquid for you.

Whatever flavor that suits you during your everyday activity, Iceliq has the vape liquid for you. 

When you buy any Iceliq vape liquid from us, not only do we offer same day dispatch but we frequently have special deals. 

This would come in handy when you buy three for £10 or eight for £20 - keep your eyes glued to this space to keep an eye on the special promotions we hold from time to time. If you are going to get your Iceliq vape liquid, purchase it here at a great price.

So get lit and enjoy the wonderful feeling of the real freeze. Try out our iceliq e-liquids today.

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