Monsta Vape E-Liquids

Monsta Vape


Your friendly e-liquid monsters

Monsta Vape is responsible for some of the best shortfills so it comes as no surprise that their e-liquids are great too. Hailing all the way from Malaysia, like fellow e-liquid brand Empire Brew, Monsta Vape presents friendly monsters on all its bottles of Monsta Vape juice. But these are nothing to be afraid of, these cute little critters add some extra character to each flavour of Monsta Vape juice. Perhaps that's why the design of each monster is based on fruit, such as apples, lemons or pineapples. The exotic taste of the fruit is prevalent in Monster Vape juice and there’s a heavy influence on the ‘juice’ part. If you want to add a real fruit punch to your vaping then Monster Vape juice is the way to go. Experience the perfect blend of fruit flavours as they combine in your mouth before you breathe out a monstrous vapour!