Kilo Black Series

Go gourmet with Kilo Black Series

Kilo is known for its sensual e-liquids and has a range of series, including its Kilo Moo Series and Kilo White Series. But when it comes to the gourmet experience, it’s the Kilo e-liquid Black Series that you want to try. Doing their best to give vapers a vaping desert, the Kilo e-liquid Black Series combines dessert flavours to give you a taste to remember. If you’ve got a sweet tooth then you’ll love the Milk & Cookies or Honey Cream flavours. You’ll never have to go to a fancy ice-cream parlour (do they exist?) or a Michelin restaurant to experience the ultimate desert. Simply try out the Kilo e-liquid Black Series and you can enjoy that sensation right from the comfort of your own home. Our shortfills also come with a free nicotine shot, so when you buy your Kilo e-liquid Black Series from us, don’t forget to pick one.

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