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Lap up Six Licks vape liquid

Try saying ‘six licks’ ten times in a row and you’ll either end up with a mouthful of saliva or sound like you’re speaking in tongues. But that’s not why Six Licks named their brand with a name like that, in fact, it did so because they spent years honing their Six Licks vape liquid into the flavours you see today. By combining various ingredients which they sourced from all over the globe, Six Licks created something clean, simple and enjoyable for all. And that’s the flagship Six Licks vape liquid you see today. There are six unique, high-quality flavours, such as Truth or Pear, Bite the Bullet and Love Bite. In fact, Love Bite, has won two awards at the Vaper Expo and Vape Jam, for its quirky and distinctive taste. So if you like your shortfills to have colourful lips on the bottle and taste so good you could almost kiss, then try out the Six Licks vape liquid. You won’t be disappointed. And when you buy from us, you also get a free nicotine shot too!