TPD E-liquids

The perfect choice for TPD e-liquids

What’s a TPD e-liquid, we hear you ask? Well, sit down, get your vaper ready and we’ll explain the essentials. Essentially, TPD is the Tobacco Products Directive, or TPD. It sets out all the rules and regulations for the sale and creation of e-cigarettes, vapers and vape e-liquids. In order to keep selling all the TPD e-liquids, it’s important that we adhere to all the rules. This means all products need their characteristics clearly defined, such as bottle size. We also need to include all product information such as the toxicology and emissions, packaging needs to have health warnings where applicable and all TPD e-liquids need precautionary statements. So you’ll see on our TPD e-liquids the same type of messages that you’d see on a packet of cigarettes. This is just so we’re crystal clear. But with our TPD e-liquids, we don’t just inform and educate, we have special deals too! That includes buying two for £25 across our huge range, including Domin8, Mirage Platinum and Dr. Fog. If you’re after TPD e-liquids that paint a clear picture but come at even better prices, you’ll find them right here.

Minimal Price: £14.99