LOOP Mint Mania Strong 15mg

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Let us introduce the middle child of three siblings: Loop Mint Mania Strong!

This one is for you if you’re seeking for refreshing nicotine pouches with a little something more, thanks to the Instant RushTM technology and a distinct characteristic mint flavour.

The Instant RushTM technology is a unique technique of pouching that delivers a nicotine kick that is both rapid and long-lasting.

There are two secrets that can be found in the Loop.

The first is that it is the world’s first can made of environmentally friendly material – PlantCanTM.

The second disadvantage is that the candesign is dynamic, making it impossible to predict how your unique cans will appear. That’s fantastic!

Each can contain 20 slim and minty portions.

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Strength 15mg
Brand LOOP
Flavour Mint
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