Skruf Super White Cassice Slim Normal 8mg

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Here’s a product with a lot of distinct characteristics. The Skruf Super White Cassice Slim offers you all-white tob. free components in combination with a truly unique black currant flavour. Black currant is a pretty uncommon snus flavour, but it’s oh so delicious! You simply must try it now if you haven’t already. It’ll give you just the proper amount of sweetness, but predominantly a tangy flavour that pairs beautifully with notes of mint. The mint is only there to give you a refreshing feeling!

This product is packaged in all-white sachets that are fully tob. free and will not stain your teeth or cause any dripping. Because the bags are slim, they will fit precisely beneath your top lip. Skruf has employed plant fibres and eucalyptus to mimic the flavour and feel of tobacco since tobacco is no longer available. The product tastes so real that you’d never guess it wasn’t made from tob.!

Skruf AB is one of Sweden’s most well-known and innovative snus manufacturers, and their goods never cease to impress us.

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Strength 8mg
Flavour Fruity
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