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Central London can be a busy place. Commuters, tourists, vape shop hunters trying to find a vape shop in Leicester Square and Covent Garden area. Don’t get lost in the crowd, take a look at our map (or pop it into your phone), and find our friendly staff waiting for you in-store. We’re based at 108 Charing Cross Road, right amidst all the theatres because that’s the classy type of vape store we are. We imagine if Shakespeare were alive today, he’d be joining us for some CBD or purchasing some e-liquids to vape. We may be one of the most popular vape shops in Tottenham Court Road but we’ve always got time for our customers. Check out our opening times and come and say hello to the best vape shop in Tottenham Court Road. Got any questions, we’re here to answer and anything you can’t find in-store, we’ll either order it or you can buy online. We’re here to help.

Vape Store: Leicester Square

44 Cranbourne Street, West End, London. WC2H 7AN

+44 20 7240 3513

Opening hours

Monday 10 am–3 am
Tuesday 10 am–3 am
Wednesday 10 am–3 am
Thursday 10 am–3 am
Friday 10 am–3 am
Saturday 10 am–3 am
Sunday 10 am–3 am

Leicester Square Vape Shop location